This website is a platform for openly communicating the facts around the Ngati Kahu Ki Whangaroa Land Claim. It is in English so all can understand what is being claimed, said, offered and agreed.

It is non-religious, non-political and non-judgemental; it’s Just the Facts! You make up your own mind on the Government’s offer.

If you would like us to publish any facts to do with our Land Claim that will help our iwi members make an informed decision on the Government’s offer, then please feel free to send them to me at admin@ngatiaukiwa.com. This could include any documents from OTS, the Government or NKKWTB. It could also include the date, time and place of any future meetings to do with the claim; any minutes from previous meetings; any email correspondence with NKKWTB, OTS or the Government.

Why have we created this website?

After the public protest against the signing of the “Agreement In Principle” at Taemaro Bay on the 22nd December 2007 we became very aware and interested in the Ngati Kahu Ki Whangaroa Land Claim.

Like most we were ignorant of the facts around the claim, the process and the workings of the trust board themselves. After hearing differing views we decided to contact the trust board; and we decided to ask them a few very simple questions about the trust board members; how they were elected and how the trust board was held accountable to it’s members.

Unfortunately it took the trust board almost two months to respond; and their official response was of little help; referring us to documents we didn’t have access to. The arrogance with which the official response from the trust board was delivered concerned us so much that we decided to complete our own investigations. As such over the last few years we have consulted and continue to consult with the Government; The Office of Treaty Settlement (OTS) and the Trust Board itself to obtain the facts which are presented on this website.