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Minutes from Trust Board Informal Hui with Ben Dalton over the Ministers ultimatum letter

The Trust Board held informal hui last Wednesday the 13th of November 2013 with Mr Ben Dalton, Deputy Director General Māori Primary Sector Partnerships, over the Ministers ultimatum letter.

Although the hui minutes have been available on this website over the past few days they have now been removed at the request of Mr Ben Dalton. Mr Dalton has explained that the meeting was advertised by the NKKW Trust Board as an informal meeting, and as such he was surprised that there were minutes. He was even more surprised that the minutes have been promulgated before being signed off by the Chairman, or allowing him the opportunity to check the accuracy of comments attributed to him. He has stated that the minutes do not accurately reflect what was said in the meeting.

Ngatikahu ki Whangaroa Trust Board receives ultimatum from Minister Christopher Finlayson

The Ngatikahu ki Whangaroa Trust Board has received an ultimatum letter from Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Christopher Finlayson. In his letter he encourages the Trust Board to meet with those dissatisfied with the proposed Treaty settlement and to include them directly in the process, if not then he would have to re-assess whether a settlement is still possible.

As the mandated enity it is the Trust Board’s responsibility to communicate with its claimant community – FAILED

As the mandated enity it is the Trust Board’s responsibility to communicate with its claimant community; however to date they have failed to do so. With only 80 people attending the 6 consultation hui, but yet the Trust Board have spent $603,000 worth of OTP funds trying to do so.

So here we are at an impasse; although the Minister of Maori Affairs has advised, “It is the mandated entity’s responsibility to communicate with its claimant community”, the entity refuses to communicate openly and freely. The Governments AIP offer is publically available; all of the funding details are publically available; the NKKWTB deed is publically available; but the entity still refuses to communicate openly.

I must admit I’m perplexed; I can’t see how the government expects the land claim process to succeed unless they can convince the Trust Board to openly communicate.

So 48,500 acres stolen, 8,157 acres proposed to be returned by the Government; that’s 17% we get back?

The Hui Booklet says we once had 50,000 acres, and we now have 3% (as per AIP page 43) in Maori title; which is 1,500 acres. So the government must have stolen 48,500 acres, and now they are proposing to give back 8,100 acres; right? So, what we’re actually getting back is 17% of our stolen lands.
The AIP says roughly the same thing but we’re sort of getting back 8,157 acres; the reason I say sort of is because the Government has put various restrictions on what we can do with the land.

Who gave the right for the Trust Board to carry the mandate for WAI 116?

29.  Who gave the right for the Trust Board to carry the mandate for WAI 116?

Trust Board Reply:

The Trust Board received the mandate from the people of each of the Marae and in Tamaki Makaurau after elections held in 1998, 2001 (this election was facilitated by TPK) and 2003. At each of these elections, this Trust received the support of the people to carry the mandate. The Trust had to meet rigorous requirements from the Crown, in terms of advertising Hui, maintaining a database of people who attended and voted, minute-taking at these meetings, and reporting to the Crown.