Review of Hui a Marama Minutes 28 July 2022 – Correspondence with “Te Umanga” (KTB Published Aug 31, 2022)

Please read my response comments below in bold italics.

Te Umanga Trust

We are not a Trust, we are a privately held company.

Geraldine is waiting on the report from Tuia Group so she can reply to Graham Williams email and letter, waiting for this to be sent to us then I will distribute it to the trustees. Let him know what our status, he already has our email addresses and some of the whanau are now emailing as well about it, there were 23 emails and numerous FB posts.

Most of the FB posts are requesting the SGM minutes and hui recording link, which we were promised, but we still haven’t received them, and it’s been over three months. Also, closing the KTB Facebook account hasn’t helped either.

Most of the points in his letter is statements not questions, Norm suggests we open the door and is happy to attend the hui,

No one has bothered to contact us about accepting our invitation to attend a hui at our marae, and it’s been over two months.

Also points 10 and 11 in my letter are questions, which still haven’t been answered in Geraldine’s curt email replies nor Toko’s Summary Report. My serious concerns of potential breaches of the Trust Deed still haven’t been addressed by the Trustees.

Our financials are already available for him, he is now copying in the ministers and Te Arawhiti. The best way to deal with it is to approach it and accept his invitation to a hui at the marae.

I requested KTB financial accounts for the past 10 years, but you have only recently published the past 2 years worth.

Yes, why wouldn’t I copy in the ministers and Te Arawhiti?

No one has bothered to contact us about accepting our invitation to attend a hui at our marae, and it’s been over two months.

He has had other people confront our GM on his behalf and we need to keep her safe in how he is attacking him, our GM should reply once she has legal advice, this then safeguards her and the Trust.

Confront our GM? – members requesting information is confronting now.

We need to keep her safe in how he is attacking her? Really? She is the GM right? Perhaps the Trustees could answer my questions instead as I always cc: in all of the Trustees?

What the Trustees don’t seem to grasp is that Geraldine, Rosie and Toko have no skin in this game, so they don’t need to be safeguarded, and no it won’t safeguard the Trustees, because they haven’t answered my questions detailed in points 10 and 11, nor does Toko’s report address the potential breaches of the Trust Deed.

JJ recommends that we just let him know we are waiting on advice, give him a time frame also so he knows it is coming Jean has no problem with him waiting our personal details but in the privacy act 2020 principle 6 the board must not give our private information. Maybe they are wanting to send a summons to the trustees, he also makes a claim that Te Umanga is the commercial arm for Te Aukiwa? Has anyone seen the proof of this and where are the minutes from the hui to verify that? Also, under the privacy act people who continue with this behavior, it becomes harassment and becomes an offence, refer to Jean’s previous emails. Norm is happy to attend their hui and Jean is happy to join him if she is available.

The Privacy Act 2020 Principle 6 only relates to personal information held by the Trust. Trustees are however obliged to provide their contact details as the Trust Act 2019 requires the Trustees to provide their contact details to their beneficiaries when requested.

As for our statement that Te Umanga Ltd is the commercial arm of Ngati Aukiwa, we have invited you to a hui at our marae where we are more than happy to answer your questions, but to date you haven’t contacted us to arrange a date and time.

In relation to accusations by Jean (refer to Jean’s previous emails) that I have harassed Geraldine, this is simply ridiculous. Asking pointed and difficult questions of the GM who represents the Trustees is not harassment, and it is absurd to say such a thing.

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