Kahukuraariki Trust Board – Summary of the Special Resolution Process August 2022


Please see the link below to the final report for Kahukuraaiki Trust Board – Summary of the Special Resolutions Process, the link can be shared with your Marae and whanau.

Ngā mihi 

Rosie Conrad 

Kaiwhakahaere Tari 

Kahukuraariki Trust Board 

P O Box 788, Kerikeri 0295  

Mob: 021 607 393 

E: rosie.conrad@kahukuraariki.iwi.nz

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  1. Kia ora Trust Board,

    Firstly, thanks for providing this report despite it taking two months.

    Secondly, after an initial review to Toko Kapea Summary of the Special Resolution Process report there are a number of errors, flawed interpretations and numerous omissions in Toko Kapea Summary of the Special Resolution Process, which either intentionally misrepresent or fail to address procedural breaches that were outlined in my letter to you dated 16th June 2022, specifically points 10 and 11; the process and sequence outlined on Clause 33.

    I’ll provide more detail in my formal response letter to the Trust Board in the coming days, however I recommend that each Trust Board member seek independent legal advice in this matter. Failure to address my concerns could see each individual Trustee removed, and financial redress awarded against them personally.

    Nga mihi
    Graham Williams
    Non-Registered Adult Member

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