Review of Hui-a-Marama-Minutes-30-March-2022 – Correspondence with “person claiming to be of the Iwi (not registered)”

In the latest published Trust Board hui minutes Geraldine Baker (GM) made the following statement:

Other emails and FB messages
• One of the emails from a person claiming to be of the Iwi (not registered), had gone nowhere despite numerous attempts from operational staff (email responses). Stopped responding and instead advised him to attend the SGM/AGM.
• The other email asking for the minutes from roadshow/reviews, one of the marae concerned was not happy for them to be shared. GM advised but asked if the person was wanting same request to all Marae – no response. Operations stopped responding as the conversations were not helpful.

What a misleading and deceitful account of our email exchanges. Geraldine Baker (GM) should be ashamed of herself to represent our conversations in this manner. I am the “person claiming to be of the Iwi (not registered)”. In my numerous email exchanges with Geraldine Baker (GM) and Rosie Conrad (Admin) I identified myself. At no stage did Geraldine or Rosie ask me to provide evidence of my iwi affiliation, which I’m more than happy to provide if asked.

As for my requests for minutes from the roadshow/reviews, I was never told one of the marae was not happy to share them, nor was I asked by Geraldine Baker (GM) if I was wanting the same request of all Marae. So, its hard to respond to a question that was never asked. My request was for the minutes of the roadshow/reviews in relation to the consultation hui on Resolution 1: Ownership of Stoney Creek Station and Resolution 2: Amendments to the Trust Deed. To date I have not received a copy as Geraldine Baker (GM) has refused to communicate openly and transparently.

Although, Geraldine Baker (GM) did invite me to attend the SGM & AGM, she also cancelled my Zoom invitation to the 18th June 2022 SGM&AGM, denying me the opportunity to do so.

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