Minister’s Refined Offer Letter to NKKWTB – $6.2 million in cash

On the 3rd of July 2014 David Manual Chair of the Ngatikahu ki Whangaroa Trust Board received the following refined offer letter from the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Christopher Finlayson.

Minister’s Refined Offer Letter to NKKWTB

In summary, as a result of discussions between the Trust Board and the Crown, the Crown has proposed, that everything in the AIP except for the Stoney Creek Farm will go to the Trust Board, and that the Stoney Creek Farm be handed over to the Maori Land Court to resolve ownership. In the meantime it will be managed by a new Trust Board which will represent all interested parties.

In addition to this the Trust Board will receive $6.2 million in cash payments to help pay for the restoration of the Thompson and Clarke blocks etc. Additionally, the minister agrees to return the Kowhairoa Peninsula.

In closing his letter Mr Christopher Finlayson gives the Trust Board only 5 days to accept his proposal; which is a very short deadline and would not give the Trust Board time to call a hui to discuss this very important offer. I have to ask why such a short time frame? What’s the hurry? Surely the Trust Board must take this back to its iwi for discussion?

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  1. The Trust Board must recognize that this deadline is not acceptable; and that they must consult with their Iwi, to not do so is a clear breach of their own Trust Deed.

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