4 replies on “NKKWTB – OTS Meeting on 20 August 2014 (Minutes)”

  1. Don’t worry David Manuel we’ll publish the minutes for you so our whanau know what you guys are up to. I see Richard Hawk, Ella Henry, Pita Pangari are raising their heads above the parapet again.

  2. EH: Over 10 years I have watched NKKWTB accommodate the occupiers, this board is bending over backwards to accommodate Aukiwa and Peterson whanau. That is not being supported by the Crown in anyway.


  3. EH: All things progressing according to that plan could we then envisage that a DOS
    ceremony might occur as you originally envisaged in December or January

    Ella Henry, over 200 people protested back in 2007, that will seem small in comparison if this goes ahead without the approval of our iwi.

  4. EH: has written the last press releases for the Trust Board over the last 10 years. There needs to be a unified messages be published from OTS and keep Ella notified. Occupiers have been made to look like the good guys, which has been really hard for NKKWTB to cope with at a community level.

    The Occupiers are the good guys Ella, they have been farming our lands and giving back to the Marae; while you, Pita, Richard and David have been taking OTS handouts to the tune of $808,000.

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