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  1. I have attended 2 of the Roadshow Hui’s both in Auckland and at Waitaruke Marae. I am troubled by the trust boards inability to listen to the whanau and their obivious desire to go settlement by 2014 (July) as stated in their Hui minutes for May 2013. All through the roadshow the trust board have maintained that these Hui were only to give us information on the “process” to reach settlement and that any decisions need to be made by the iwi. However when a proposal was made at the Waitaruke Marae Hui for the trust board to host a wananga to address all the concerns and issues raised by the iwi during the roadshow that the chairman said ” these roadshows have been a wananga! I don”t think so. However my real concern is the fact that the trust board met with the Minister of Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Chris Finlayson on September 13th in Kaitaia who opened the door to re-negotiate. I ask you this whanau WHO do you want to negotiate for us? Because after attending the Trust board meeting held after the final roadshow Hui on Sep. 28th at Waitaruke Marae it appears that the board are ready to name their negotiators within even bringing it back to the people.

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