Should the Trust Board remove the reference to “Pita’s Uncle” on page 8 of the Hui Booklet?

On a number of occasions both via email and in hui, it has been requested to the Trust Board and Chairperson directly that the reference on page 8 in the Consultation Hui Handbook to “Pita’s Uncle” be removed, as Pita was not his nephew.

In the first hui held in Auckland this question was discussed and agreed to by the Trust Board that the reference would be removed; however to date this has not happened.

More recently in the last hui held in Auckland, Pita explained that it was a general reference to uncle and not a specific one, and that he would need a good reason not to keep it in the booklet. Pita was then told point blank that he was ‘riding the coat tails of uncles mana’ and that it needed to stop.

So, should the reference be removed?

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