Breaking News : Irresponsible gifting of $70+ million worth of assets by Mr Finlayson and OTS to a Trust Board that only represents 585 of a Iwi with 3800+ members


I’m not sure if you’re interested, but I thought the New Zealand public might be. Mr Finlayson and OTS will be gifting $70+ million worth of land and cash to the Ngati Kahu ki Whangaroa Trust Board today. This is despite the Trust Board representing a mere 15% (585) of it’s Iwi; which is demonstrated in the recent poll – (from Election Services Poll Results NKKW-Election-Services-Results). The Trust Board claim to represent 3800 (2426 over 18yrs) members; however only 750 voted and only 585 voted to accept the governments offer; aka 15% of the Iwi accepted the offer.
Mr Finlayson points out in his attached letter, that 30.9% of eligible members voted; however those who voted to accept the offer only represented 15% of our Iwi. This wouldn’t normally be considered a majority decision in any election/poll; which involved 70+ million worth of assets; however Mr Finlayson is clearly adamant in his letter that he and OTS will be going ahead anyway. Also, if we read the PSGE Trust Deed; which Mr Finlayson refers to in his letter; it states that any sale of assets requires 75% of the entire Iwi to agree; however Mr Finlayson is still happy to gift $70+ million worth of assets to a Trust Board that only has the support of 15% of it’s Iwi.
Mr Finlayson, has shown extremely poor judgement stating that “a 30.9% voting turnout demonstrates a sufficient level of support from the claimant community”. That’s 30.9% of our iwi that voted, they did not vote to accept the governments offer, only 24.1% of eligible voters accepted the offer. Although, Mr Finlayson may find 24.1% a sufficient level of support to gift $70+ million worth of assets to a minority supported Trust Board, I beg to differ and I believe most of New Zealand would as well. In Mr Finlayson’s haste to gain browny points from the New Zealand public, he is clearly ignoring the responsibilities of his office, as well as the direction of the Waitangi Tribunal. All we ask, is for the fair and timely return of our Whenua as directed by the Waitangi Tribunal back in 1985.
Mr Key has previously been made aware of this matter, and I have only just emailed him again asking him to intervene in this matter; as per the email below. I do hope that Mr Key takes immediate action, as there will be clear ramifications in the Far North, that will be directly attributed to Mr Finlayson’s ill informed and arrogant decisions. All we are asking for is time to ensure an Iwi supported settlement; perhaps Mr Finlayson (and OTS) should be looking for acceptance from 75% (2850) of eligible voters not 24.1%?
Regards, Paeara Family
Reference material:
1) Unofficial Ngati Kahu ki Whangaroa in relation to Land Claim website –
2) Ngati Kahu ki Whangaroa Trust Board website –

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  1. What an indictment on this Government.
    Their arrogance, sense of entitlement and the belief that they can dictate the terms of a settlement for their own breaches of the Treaty.

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