Ngatikahu ki Whangaroa Trust Board accepts latest Proposal to Progress Settlement


As of November 2013, Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa Trust board have been again looking for a peaceful way forward with the people occupying Stony Creek Farm. We have met with Ben Dalton who has been appointed by the Crown to liaise with the occupiers and the Trust Board.

As of January 2014, the Board have accepted the alternative proposed package in principle from the Crown for an opportunity to progress the Ngātikahu Ki Whangaroa settlement.

This will allow an opportunity for those who support the occupation of Stony Creek Station to have their ‘day in court’ to present their claims for this land. For this proposal to work all parties would have to agree to abide by whatever the Maori Land Court decides.

The Board embrace the idea of this as part of the process of bringing peace to our Iwi.

The Board has always maintained an “Open door policy” and have expressed this over the many years to the Crown and the occupying whanau.

The board are the mandated claimants on behalf of Ngā Marae o Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa, the body setup to settle the WAI 116 and WAI 258 Claims, and the Crown who are currently recognised as the legal owners of Stony Creek Station.

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  1. From my reading of the alternative proposal the revised AIP would be as per the current AIP except that the Stoney Creek Farm would be passed over to the Maori Land Court for them to determine rightful ownership. In the meantime a new Trust Board would be setup to manage Stoney Creek Farm until the court decided what to do with it. Additionally, the NKKWTB Trust Board would receive a cash settlement to help with the restoration on the Thompson and Clarke blocks.

    According to the NKKWTB website the Trust Board has agreed to this alternative proposal; however the government requires the agreement of the occupants of the farm and their supporters as well, and as of our last hui it was a resounding NO.

  2. I have to take exception to the comments on the Trust Board’s website, the Board has not maintained an “Open door policy” they have excluded many of our whanau, and continue to do so, for example blocking on facebook.

    Also, the board no longer hold the mandate on behalf of Ngā Marae o Ngātikahu ki, they lost the respect of our Iwi many years ago.

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