Ngatikahu ki Whangaroa Trust Board receives latest proposal from Minister Christopher Finlayson

On the 24th of January 2014 David Manual Chair of the Ngatikahu ki Whangaroa Trust Board received the following proposal letter from the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Christopher Finlayson.

2014 01 24 Letter to David Manual NKKW

In Mr Finlayson’s letter he thanks the Trust Board for agreeing to meet with Mr Dalton recently to discuss potential approaches for progressing Ngatikahu ki Whangaroa settlement negotiations and resolving the occupation of Stoney Creek Station. He was also heartened to learn that they were prepared to give further consideration to the proposals raised by Mr Dalton.

In summary, as a result of those discussions the Crown has proposed, that everything in the AIP except for the Stoney Creek Farm will go to the Trust Board, and that the Stoney Creek Farm be handed over to the Maori Land Court to resolve ownership. In the meantime it will be managed by a new Trust Board which will represent all interested parties.

In addition to this the Trust Board will receive cash payments to help pay for the restoration of the Thompson and Clarke blocks etc.

He also mentions that he is willing to consider issues raised by the Kaitangata hapu regarding the Kowhairoa Peninsula.

In closing, he sees his proposal as offering the best opportunity to progress the settlement in the interests of all parties.

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  1. This proposal in very interesting irrespective of the Trust Board’s competency or integrity, it looks like the Government through Mr Finlayson is pushing very hard for settlement, even to the extent of modifying Government policy and process; which they have never done before.

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