What’s happening?

Well, the Crown have done a 180% on their offer back in July 2014, and will be giving everything back to the NKKWTB, despite numerous objections.

NKKWTB continue to make a joke of their mandate by not meeting their mandate obligations; which OTS support.

OTS continue to enable NKKWTB rather than pro-actively encouraging an amicable resolution between our Iwi.

The NKKWTB refuse to provide open and transparent communication. There have been questions raised on this site; however the NKKWTB have failed to take the opportunity to openly engage with the people they claim to represent.

A PSGE Constitution has been drafted, this is despite our Iwi not having voted on the AIP. On May 16, the NKKWTB will be seeking acceptance of the PSGE Constitution without proper consultation with our Iwi. Ella Henry is somehow running the PSGE, but I don’t remember reading that being voted on either.

The NKKWTB are planning to sign away our lands and future this June, despite the Crown’s latest offer not being presented or voted on by our Iwi.

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