What do we know about law firm Jackson Russell?

The gallery on the Jackson Russell website shows Richard Hawke. This is the person who is the legal advisor to the Trust Board, and has been since Peter Pangari introduced him to the Trust Board.

What relationship does Jackson Russell have to the Trust Board, or is their relationship only restricted to Richard Hawke? What are the terms of engagement between the TB and JR?

The JR website arrogantly declares “we’re almost as old as New Zealand itself”; white NZ that is, and the staff makeup reflects this. It also proudly states in its history summary:

1865 – 1890s: For the next 20 years or so the firm, like others in Auckland at that time, was much engaged in legal work connected with land speculation and gold mining.

The JR website boasts, their support in the legalized theft of Maori land on a scale unprecedented either before or since! It was a time of unbridled greed on the part of white settlers to ‘disengage’ Maori from their land by whatever means necessary. Legal firms of the time assisted in this ‘disengagement’ making it legal.

No doubt some of the funds that have found there way into the coffers of this firm were derived at the expense of our people. How much of the $800,000+ funding received from OTS has flowed to JR over the years?

How can our people sanction such a firm as this to be our advisors?

Who is this guy Hawke ? Where does he come from ? Who are his people ? Who does he belong to ? These are valid questions for they give us an ‘insight’ into the man.

Were these questions ever asked before engaging this man?

Similar scrutiny is required for Pangari.

It is time to bring these two in from ‘the cold’.

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